Some notes about Ceph
Laurent Barbe @SIB

Test Ceph NVMe-oF

A quick test of NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe/TCP) and VMware...

NVMe over Fabrics Ceph VMWare

Create a RBD volume

# Create a pool "nvmeof_pool01" and a rbd image inside :
ceph osd pool create nvmeof_pool01
rbd pool init nvmeof_pool01
rbd -p nvmeof_pool01 create nvme_image --size 50G

# Deploy nvmeof instance (version 1.0.0)
ceph config set mgr mgr/cephadm/container_image_nvmeof quay.io/ceph/nvmeof:1.0.0
ceph orch apply nvmeof nvmeof_pool01 --placement="ceph01"

Configure NVME Subsystem

# Create an alias to simplify the following commands
# I use the same version of nvmeof-cli:1.0.0, is the host ceph01
# I run those commands directly on ceph host but it could be on any other with podman installed
alias nvmeof-cli='podman run -it quay.io/ceph/nvmeof-cli:1.0.0 --server-address --server-port 5500'

# Create the subsystem, the namespace corresponding the rbd image, and the listener
nvmeof-cli subsystem add --subsystem nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph
nvmeof-cli namespace add --subsystem nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph --rbd-pool nvmeof_pool01 --rbd-image nvme_image
nvmeof-cli listener add --subsystem nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph --gateway-name client.nvmeof.nvmeof_pool01.ceph01.htrgqe --traddr --trsvcid 4420

# Allow all clients (to allow specific esxi clients, retreive NQN address with "esxcli nvme info get")
nvmeof-cli  host add --subsystem nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph --host "*"
# List all subsystems
nvmeof-cli subsystem list
│ Subtype    NQN                         HA State    Serial Number      Model Number          Controller IDs      Namespace │
│                                                                                                                     Count │
│ NVMe       nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph  disabled    SPDK4675192209286  SPDK bdev Controller  1-65519                     1 │

# List namespace
nvmeof-cli namespace list --subsystem nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph
│   NSID  Bdev                    RBD            RBD         Image    Block    UUID                 Load         R/W IOs    R/W MBs    Read MBs    Write MBs   │
│         Name                    Pool           Image       Size     Size                          Balancing    per        per        per         per         │
│                                                                                                   Group        second     second     second      second      │
│      1  bdev_df4877b5-79b8-     nvmeof_pool01  nvme_image  50 GiB   512 B    df4877b5-79b8-41e0-  <n/a>        unlimited  unlimited  unlimited   unlimited   │
│         41e0-95f1-2c9aa222a513                                               95f1-2c9aa222a513                                                               │

# List hosts allowed
nvmeof-cli host list --subsystem nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph
│  Host NQN  │
│  Any host  │

Configure NVME on ESXi

In this case I use a single network. A dedicated and redundant network with multiple initiators would be better...

This is done on all ESXi hosts :

[root@esxi01:~] esxcli nvme fabrics enable --protocol TCP --device vmnic0
[root@esxi01:~] esxcli network ip interface tag add --interface-name vmk0 --tagname NVMeTCP

Test discovery :

[root@esxi01:~] esxcli nvme fabrics discover -a vmhba65 -i -p 8009

Transport Type  Address Family  Subsystem Type  Controller ID  Admin Queue Max Size  Transport Address  Transport Service ID  Subsystem NQN               Connected
--------------  --------------  --------------  -------------  --------------------  -----------------  --------------------  --------------------------  ---------
TCP             IPv4            NVM                     65535                   128      4420                  nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph       true

Connect and list namespaces :

[root@esxi01:~] esxcli nvme fabrics connect -a vmhba65 -i -p 4420 -s nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:ceph

[root@esxi01:~] esxcli nvme namespace list

Name                                  Controller Number  Namespace ID  Block Size  Capacity in MB
------------------------------------  -----------------  ------------  ----------  --------------
eui.df4877b579b841e095f12c9aa222a513                256             1         512           51200

Add the datastore from VSphere client :

nvmeof new datastore

nvmeof new datastore

This promises interesting things...

References :

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