Some notes about Ceph
Laurent Barbe @CCM Benchmark

Main new features in the latest versions of ceph

It's always pleasant to see how fast new features appear in Ceph. :)

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of theme on the latest releases :

Kraken (October 2016)

  • BlueStore declared as stable
  • AsyncMessenger
  • RGW : metadata indexing via Elasticseasrch, index resharding, compression
  • S3 bucket lifecycle API, RGW Export NFS version 3 throw Ganesha
  • Rados support overwrites on erasure-coded pools / RBD on erasure coded pool (experimental)

Jewel (April 2016)

  • CephFS declared as stable
  • RGW multisite rearchitected (Allow active/active configuration)
  • AWS4 compatibility
  • RBD mirroring
  • BlueStore (experimental)

Infernalis (November 2015)

  • Erasure coding declared as stable and support many new features
  • New features for Swift API (Object expiration,...)
  • Systemd

Hammer (April 2015)

  • RGW object versioning, bucket sharding
  • Crush straw2

Giant (October 2014)

  • LRC erasure code
  • CephFS journal recovery, diagnostic tools

Firefly (May 2014)

  • Erasure coding
  • Cache tiering
  • Key/value OSD backend
  • Standalone radosgw (with civetweb)

Maybe this will make you want to upgrade your cluster.